Surprise, who knew you’d grow up and be the one in charge of keeping the house running?! No worries, dude, I got you covered. Captain Housekeeper gives you all the tips and tricks you need to run your household like the super hero you are!!

About Captain Housekeeper

I’ve been in charge of running my home for 18 years now, and I kind of feel like a super-hero to be honest – and that’s how Captain Housekeeper came to be!

About Comments
Over the years I’ve formed an opinion about comments and I feel quite strongly about it. Abusive comments concerning race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, etc will not be tolerated. I will delete comments. I will ban commenters if they continue to be abusive. Be kind to one another, that’s all I’m asking.

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I own the copyright to any of the text, images, or videos that I have created and sharing them without giving me credit is stinky so don’t do that. From time to time I will feature other’s work and it will always be with permission, full credit, and with a link to their online presence. If I have written a post about your work and you don’t want it on my site anymore just send me a quick email and I will take it right now. My only goal on this site is to promote the art of housekeeping.

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You’ll notice a few ads speckled around the site. You are under no obligation to click on any of the ads. I hope that I can place ads that are relevant to what I love about the home and therefore some of you might love to know about too. Some of these ads use cookies to understand your usage of the Internet and better serve you. I have nothing to do with any of that because I’m Captain Housekeeper, not a computer guru.

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By coming to my site you agree to the terms and policies that I’ve rambled on about, and any that I may add in the future.

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