Household Chemical Storage Guide

As the Captain of your own household one of the main responsibilities you have is to create a safe environment for you and your loved ones (including the furry four-legged ones)! Never fear, I’m going to share with you a household chemical storage guide to help you!

When we were young my mom caught my brother who was a toddler at the time just about to drink out of a bleach bottle. Thank goodness she was there to stop him!! As the Captain of my own home I take great lengths to ensure that no one that lives here or visits could easily get ahold of household chemicals.

Household Chemical Storage Guide

Check out this handy guide to safely store the household chemicals around your house!

Household Chemical
Storage Guide
from SolvChem Custom Packaging Division

Many many thanks to my friends over at SolvChem for creating this handy guide, and for giving me permission to post it here on my blog.

If you have any questions or other ideas on how to safely store household chemicals please leave a comment below!

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