How To Clean Ceiling Fans

Recently I was asked how to clean ceiling fans – and it’s such a great question. Keeping the ceiling fans blades clean will go long a way in keeping your home smelling and feeling fresh.
How To Clean Ceiling Fans via Captain Housekeeper

In the fall when it cools off outside we usually set the fans so that they blow towards the ceiling which helps circulate any heat that has risen in the room; in the spring when it warms up outside we usually set the fans so that they blow downwards creating a refreshing breeze on us. What you’ll quickly find is that when you reverse the direction of the fans all the dust that has accumulated on the blade flies off and lands all around the room!

How To Clean Ceiling Fans

Here are a few tips on cleaning your ceiling fans that I hope you find helpful:

  • Always turn the fans off when you are cleaning them! I know that sounds silly to have to say but you don’t want to take any chance in getting hurt by the revolving blades!
  • Always wear goggles and a mask (or bandana). You don’t really know what debris has collected on the top of your fan and to stay safe wear the proper protection.
  • Open a pillow case and insert a fan blade in it (like a pillow). Close the case with your hands and pull gently toward the end of the blade. Any dust bunnies will fall inside the pillow case! Repeat with all the blades then shake that dust out of the pillow case either outside or into a trash bin.

  • Vacuum attachments work great to clean off ceiling fan blades, either with long hoses, or if you’re like me you and you have a cordless vacuum .
  • After either using the pillow case method or the vacuum method, then go back and clean the blades again with a microfiber cloth and dusting spray such as Endust.
  • If you don’t want to go on a ladder, and I can’t blame you, this extender rod with a microfiber attachment works really well!! (click my affiliate link image below for more info):

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