How To Create a Better Looking Bed

Let me show you how to create a better looking bed, and it’s super easy. I know the bedroom is tucked away from view, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good!

You see, being the Captain Housekeeper of your home means so much more than just doing chores and completing your Attack Plan – it also means making it look nice too.

Today let’s tackle the beds. If you look at the bed and think “hmm, reminds me of a dorm room” then you’re ready to bump it up a notch, and make it look like a big boy bed. And you can do this easily!

Head over to your nearest bed supply store and look for their complete bedding in a bag section. They all have them, even discount super-stores have them. Choose the one you like the best.


Just choose one that you like and get it. It will look good, and most likely better than what you have going on right now.

Then¬† read the label to see what is included in the set. Likely there will be a comforter and some pillows shams. Pillow shams are the covers of decorative pillows, so you’ll need to be sure you have enough pillows to stuff them with. I just use old pillows that are mostly worn out to stuff inside decorative pillows.

Take that bad boy home, unpack it, and throw it on the bed. There will be a photo on the front of the bag it came in to show you where everything goes. Easy peasy!


And as a bonus it is actually easier to make your bed each morning when you have a matching set – once you learn where everything goes it takes minutes to get it all back together in the morning!

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