Spring Cleaning Checklist – General

Spring cleaning checklist! Spring cleaning is by far my favorite thing to do as the Captain Housekeeper of my home! Granted there is deep satisfaction that I’ve managed to juggle eleventy-seven balls each day (somedays it’s eleventy-seven-and-one) – but nothing compares to getting in there and really freshening up the house after a long winter.

There is a printable checklist of what I like to do in my home each spring towards the end of this blog post. For now let me show you how I like to break it down. And just so you know, it takes me a good month to burn through this list because, you guessed it, I’m still juggling my balls at the same time!

I like to divide the home up into public areas and private areas. On today’s post I’m going to be talking about General Spring Cleaning – these are areas that you’ll encounter in nearly every area of your home. In a later post I will talk more about my public areas and my private areas.

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Household Cleaning Products

You’ll need a good supply of household cleaning products to do a spring cleaning – check out my blog post here on what you’ll need:

Click: Household Cleaning Products with Printable Shopping List

General Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Open all the windows


Wood furniture

Clean & polish, wax if needed

Remove area rugs, move furniture if possible
Vacuum thoroughly
Mop with an antibacterial cleaner or diluted ammonia

Tile Surfaces
Sweep and mop, use grout cleaner if needed

Steam clean (not just heavy traffic areas)

Area rugs
Clean according to labels

Upholstered furnishings
Vacuum entire surface and under cushions
Spot clean fabric as needed

Ceiling fans
Above cabinets

Light switches

Donate all unneeded and unwanted items ASAP

Here is a printable checklist! Click: Spring Cleaning Checklist – Public Areas

Next time I will post what I like to do in the public areas of the home, like the kitchen or the family room.

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